My closest friend and worst nightmare.
Hi, I'm Becca and you are lovely. I am pushing for recovery at the moment and this is to get all my feelings out safely.

SW: 165lbs /
CW: 114 lbs /

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… But I make myself sad
Hello again -

I’ve been in recovery for the past year or so and I finished my therapy recently. Overall I’m so much happier, I love myself and the world more, I have a boyfriend who knows everything and still loves me and yet..

I’m moving out and there are some size 6-8 (US 4-6) clothes in my draws, ones I used to wear and they were baggy. I tried one on that was always huge and now it clings to my hips and waist. I couldn’t fit into my prom dress.

I’m 136lbs now, 9 1/2 stone - and I’m 5”4. Supposedly this is my perfect weight and I’ve been it for months. so why do I look and feel so fat?


My new #Ariel shirt. I’m feeling positively #Disney today ✌

i hope i start my hot person phase soon

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Usually I hate pictures of my hair because it got so thin and brittle, but my sister did a fishtail plait in it and I actually like it :)
I didn’t realise she was taking it so I’m still happily playing away haha.

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This fawn and bobcat were found in an office together, cuddling under a desk after a forest fire

Don’t mind me I’m just mopping my heart off the floor
1647) I’m scared to think of what bingeing has done to my blood pressure, I don’t want to damage my heart and die early.

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